Q1: and then breaks that number down to display the equivalent minutes and seconds. Have your program ONLY do the calculation if the user enters a number LESS than 50,000 hours.number of hours, If he enters 50,000 or more print an error message and quit.Write a C++ program that reads in one integer that represents a total number of seconds
Sample Example:
Input a whole number of seconds less than 50,000:
There are 2 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds in 7683 seconds

Q2: Write a C++ program that will read 4 integer numbers within the range of 30 to 1000, then compute and print the count of numbers that are even and dividable by 7 or 3.

Q3: Write a C++ program to find the value of Y?
Ask the user to enter an integer x from keyboard. Assume Y initially = 5

Y+=( x/100 + x/98 + x/96 + ……………. + x) + x!
Where x! Is the factorial of x.

What do you want to know about those questions? We are not mind readers.