I'm now year 12 in a programming oriented high school and I have some 3-4 months to complete a programming based project.

I know SQL (completed "Introduction to Computer Science" course), PL/SQL (New to PL/SQL but I'm learning fast), C# (learned it 3 years and had good grades) and HTML (worked on 2 websites as a volunteer). Worked in Adobe and Office programs (not so good with Flash and Access). Math isn't really my favorite subject (many sites suggest encryption project and i don't fully understand the math behind those).

For now I've had 2 ideas:

  1. A C# project that acts like a typing tool for html codes (it would have a solution explorer (for navigation) on the side and it would know all HTML tags, colors, fonts and it would keep track of tags (if some are not closed, etc.) and syntax errors. It should speed up the making of HTML files (compared to typing in notepad or similar software).

  2. Another C# project that would convert a sentence written in my native language (Serbian) to an SQL command. Example: "Who has salary bigger then 20000 ?" (in Serbian - but I'm thinking of maybe doing this in English) -> "SELECT name, last_name FROM employees where salary > 20000"

What do you think about my ideas ? (are they too easy for year 12? are they too hard ? will i be able to do them with the languages I know ? do you think they are interesting ?)

Do you have any other project ideas based on my "mini CV" ?

Thank you for your time :)

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Do not understand "year 12" very well. Does it mean you are 12 years old or (starting school at 6), 18 years old? Both of your proposals look good to give it a try.

I'm in 4th year of high school, 18 years old (in few days :P)

Which one do you think could get me a batter grade ?

Why not ask your teacher that question?

My school has over 40 teachers that teach computer subjects and i won't know which one will be grading my work till 2 weeks before i need to hand it over. And the ones i asked already didn't really say anything smart. Although they did mention that there are a lot of html editors already out there (so I'm guessing i might want to skip making that). I'm still open for new sugjestions though ^^

There are a lot of HTML editors (even Visual Studio does HTML editing).

The second one is normally refered to as natural language processing. It's a complex subject but you should be able to get something working in the time frame you've mentioned. I'd start with diagraming sentences (what parts make up the sentence: subject, verb, direct objects, indirect objects, adverbs, adjectives, etc.), how you are going to reconize what sentence type, etc.

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