I have a question about when you can be considered a good developer. I'm programming now for about 3 years (mostly in VB.net ) and recently made a graphing calculator:


Now I wonder If you guys can say at what level I am with programming. Can you say that I'm experienced when you can make a project like this or can't you say anything about this from this perspective and does the code say more then the end result?

When do you guys consider a programmer good?

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I'm of the opinion, and it's just mine, that the end result is what matters most. I good programmer can analyze real-life requirements and create something out them via coding. Of course there are more "efficient" ways to code and people should be conscious about being efficient but if the end results works just as it is supposed to with minimal maintenance, then you've done a good job. I look back on some VBA projects I worked on 3 years ago and the code doesn’t look as nice as I write now nor is it as fast as what my code is now. However, it isn’t “bad” in the sense that the projects are failing, even after all this time. To me, that’s a win.

So what level are you with regards to coding? It's perspective in my opinion and I honestly don't think it's something you should worry about too much.

My 2 pennies (oh wait, we don't use pennies in Canada anymore).

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