I need help in running a software, thay have plugins in the from of jar files. which I dont know how to run and execute. I have JDK installed. Please suggest. Thank you so much.

This is a framework. You can't just execute it. It is for development. If you want to work with it then you have to go to your IDE and import the library, which is the jar file and then import the packages from the library into your code as needed.

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Thank you so much for the replies. They are really helpful. BUT I am working in Matlab. Can anyone guide me how to use them in MATLAB plzzzzzz

I thought they are execteables directly, when I came to know I have to call them I did mention. But sorry about that.

I have never worked with MATLAB so I can't comment on how to import with it, but it remains the same. You will still have to import them into your application and call the library packages as needed.
As you know you have to have a main method to execute and these jar files do not contain a main, they are only class files.

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