Hello Everybody

Its has been a very long time since I started some programming project for my own curiosity.

And now that curiosity has reached a level of desparation.

I want to make a talking program. You know like Text-to-Speech. I searched google, but all I found was theory. I found one library FreeTTS to use with Java but I couldn't get it up running.

So, I searched and found the english phonemes. Now I read somewhere that we can generate sound wave using the phonemes in correct order(word-phoneme dictionary)

What I don't know is how to generate the sound wave?

Also, I am a CS student and have no knowledge of Signal Processing. So, please tell me what to do to make a very simple, basic TTS program using phonemes.

And if this is not the right approach, please tell me the right approach.

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I don't know if your looking for this but it looks like it may assist you. Also the fact that you have no knowledge of Signal Processing, shouldn't make you any less effective in accomplishing your task.

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