Make a program that will compute the eight inputted quizzes of the student where QT =q1+q2+q3+q4+q5+q6+q7+q8 divide by 8

  1. Write a prgram that ask the user to enter the radius of a circle and then computer for its area where AREA = Pi x R2
  2. Create a program that converts a farenheit measure to a celsius measure (C=5/9 x (F-32)).
  3. Make a program that will compute the two input values considered that the two inputs are s1 and s2 = Ts

  4. Create a program that will input a number in kilowatt and display its equivalent measure in watts

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I will do your homework for you after you deposit $10,000.00 USD in my PayPal account.

You may want to qualify that, or you could end up doing a college student's "homework" from day one to a PhD thesis. That's not something you want to do for a mere $10k. ;)


fuck yourself .. ineed help idont need a nemecian.. you idiot


The reason you got such snide remarks is because you didn't ask for help, all you did was post your assignment and expected us to do it for you. If you want help with something you don't undersand then you have to tell us what you don't understand. We can't read you mind.

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