Hello folks,

I'm currently studying how to use LinQ in VB.NET but I guess I'm stock.

I'm using VS 2008 version (framework) 2.0

Anyone who can help me get through this??

From what I've read, it can only run on .NET 2.0 with a hack. LINQBridge could be helpful, but am not sure if that's what you want.

Not compatible with my version. I can't open the sample projects x.x

What is your version?
In the link I gave, I see no projects, I only see code samples to be used in a project.

Pritaeas : Yea, I also read about LinqBridge but I can't get a copy of it.

ddanbe : Same here

Do you mean you can't copy a sample and paste it in your code for editing further so it fits your needs?

What I mean is that I can't download the LinqBridge properly. Some of the links are not working properly that's why I can't get a copy of it.

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