difference between overloading and overriding ?

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Overriding is the process of 'replacement' of methods ie function of base class is redefined in the derived class.
Overloading refers to functions with same name but different definitions and parameters ie different type and/or number of arguments.

Hopefully, this link will help you.

about overloading it is cleared to me that
in overloading we can use the same function but with different signatures(arguments) and in overriding function of base class is redefined in the derived class
overloading is a static and compile time binding and overiding is dynamic and run time binding
but what does it means..............
***overloading is compile time polymorphism and overiding is run time polymorphism ???

which one will block inheritance???

You've got the right idea, but overloading really isn't polymorphism at all.

yes you are right that overloading is not polymorphism .
but my ques. is what is compile time polymorphism in overloading?

and also what is run time polymorphism in overriding?

poly means many and morphism means forms which means many forms and overloading deals with many methods in the same class but with same name and different argument so i am connecting polymorphism with overloading ..and overloading is a compile time binding
its troubling me alot

on google i have read the overloading and overriding
and when that is not cleared to me that's why i have put this question .thinking that you would help me

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