Dear All,
I am trying to display the buttons dynamically and buttons of text trough character bit map. It is possible or not. Please reply me urgently.

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creating buttons dynamically is 100% possible
you can use the code as follow in order to create a button during runtime:-

        Dim btn As New Button
        btn.Name = "Button1"
        btn.Text = btn.Name
        btn.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(100, 100)
        btn.Font = New Font("Arial", 10, FontStyle.Regular)


and buttons of text trough character bit map

i didn't understand that.

and buttons of text trough character bit map

A little stumped myself, please explain better.

However if you have to break a string down by its characters. Every string is a charater array. you only need to specify the index of the character you want to access. For instance "Test"(1) will return 'e'.

Dear All,
Thanks for your fast reply.It is use full a lot...

If your question is answered please remember to mark this solved. If you have more question feel free to start a new thread. thanks

Dear All,
Thanks for your reply. I have another problem in this. in my character bit map some data is missing (i.e upto "7E" to display the continuous disply data and next displayed data is "8D" and next is "8F" and "90").How to skip data. i want display the continuous data as per character bit map. Please suggest me as earlu as possible.

I would suggest marking this solved and starting a new thread and posting the code you're using to display the data. This way the solution you get can be useful to other people.

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