Alright guys I need some assistance with this.

Ok In a few days I will start my project but I need to how to do something, Read Below:

I need to find out how to display a Users specific table within My MySQL database for example here is a picture of a program that does something like that.

If the area that was highlighted in red was shown in a MySQL database it would be displayed like this

Pilot Name | Callsign| Rank| Pilot Status| Assigned Hub| Flights this Month| total Flights|

and then the Value would be displayed Below in columns such as Pilot name would hold 100's of names

But right now lets focus, How exactly do I do this If you can just guve me the code with a small guide it would be appreciated Thank you.

Well, you aren't going to get code without doing any of your own work. But to assist in you getting started;

  1. Create your Pilot table. Remember to include a primary key, using the name or callsign is not a good idea, it needs to be something the database can index easily (like int or uuid).
  2. Create your C# project and using the form builder UI, create the controls to display your data in.
  3. Decide on a way to select the pilot information to view. A listbox might be a good for this.
  4. You will need to create a data structure in your code to hold all the data you receive from the database. It might look like:

    public class Pilot
        public string Name
        { get; set; }
        public string Callsign
        { get; set; }
        // etc
  5. Perform a select statement against your database to retrieve all the pilots. You can make this more efficient by only selecting the names and ids, then when you select a pilot from the list, you can do a second lookup to retrieve all the information for that pilot.

  6. Display the information for the selected pilot in your controls.

If you need any more help, get something down in code, then come back and ask again.

Yes I will come back again, But im on someone's elses computer and I dont like downloading things on other computers, Anyway thanks Im not mkaing a pilot program so Yeh so I wont need Name or Callsign and any other stuff Ill just Change Pilot to Username Or Something

One of the main controls to use here will be thisone

Alright Im going to read it now