I am running canopy 64 bit Version: on mac Mountain Lion. I have installed virtualenv using easy_install. But while I am trying to execute the command:

virtualenv venv --distribute

It shows the following error:

Using base prefix '/Applications/Canopy.app/appdata/canopy-'
New python executable in venv/bin/python
dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/Python
Referenced from: /Users/xxx/Desktop/untitled folder 2/venv/bin/python
Reason: image not found
ERROR: The executable venv/bin/python is not functioning
ERROR: It thinks sys.prefix is u'/Users/xxx/Desktop/untitled folder 2' (should be u'/Users/xxx/Desktop/untitled folder 2/venv')
ERROR: virtualenv is not compatible with this system or executable 

Have any one had similar issue and solved it? Thank you in advance for valuable advice.

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