I Have Developed an Application, Now I Want That My Application Should Start Automattically When System Starts, How Can I Do This, Please Suggest Me


There are basically two ways to start application when Windows starts. First and maybe the easiest way is to copy a shortcut to your application in Startup folder. Second way is to start up VB.NET application from the Windows registry.
Some installer applications can do this for you. But if you want to give users the option not to start application when Windows starts, you have to deal application starting programmatically.
A few words of warning. Always be careful when changing registry with your application. So backup your registry first or otherwise make sure that you can restore your system if something goes wrong.

Thanks For Reply,

I am a Little Confuse That if I copy a shortcut to My application in Startup folder, so Will It Work For All The Users or Not, If Not so Kindly Suggest me The Alternate Way.......

If you want the app to run for all users then put the shortcut in

C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

1- New Project -- other project types -- setup and development -- visual studio installer -- setup project--- Ok
There will be three folders on your left , application folder user desktop , user programs menu
right click on this panel Add special folder option will appear , select option user's startup folder.
a new folder will appear ot left panel , select it and on right side add .exe file to it.
Done :-D

If you're wanting a startup process, you could go to :
Run > Type "msconfig" > Choose "Startup" tab > Check your process > Ok > Restart computer.
If you're wanting to create a project which run on startup of windows after install, I suggest using Microsoft.Win32 (or 64, I don't care). Seeing some on google, but it's giving out a bunch of junk files so should not try then.