I'm trying to add this to my existing project. I'm right clicking the toolbox-> chose items-> select the exe. It automatically adds a reference to my existing project. But after I drop the control onto my form it gives me: "LiveSwitch.TextControl.Editor is not defined" 2 times and 1 "LiveSwitch is not declared". When I click the errors it goes to Form[X].Designer.vb
How can I solve this problem? I really need this nice control.

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From "Kevin" (That project creator): If you are interested in the source, you can try http://www.liveswitch.com
you can buy the component there for $50 or contact support and ask to buy the source.
there is a demo component you can try which has a splash screen.
Support will get it to work in VS 2012 for you if you buy the source.


Oh, that's sad. Do you know any free text/html editor control that's free?

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