i am working on a project and theres a feature that i seemingly want to include,
it is the attachment of a word file in an email and the values that are included in the letter are imported from the database using vb.net

is there a way to import values from vb to word or vice-versa? every answer will be of great help! :)

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It is very simple , just get the file path , open it , and read all the text and then save it to your database. here are some links, helps you to understand the method of reading textfiles using vb.net .
Click Here and Click Here

Hope this will help you.


thanks M.Wagas Aslam for the response, what i meant is that im going to create a word file and ill write values there programatically using vb. is there a way to do it?

Hi you may want to look up Interop - it will enable you to open a new word application, create a word document and write to it.

A word on Interop:

  • It will only work if a version of word is installed on the clients machine.
  • You may want to use late binding unless you know for sure which version of Word is present on every client machine. e.g. an office environment where everyone has Office 2013 installed
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