I have a csv file with lines like this example:

14," APPLES, GRANNY SMITH  72 CT  usa, Case",101-016,40.00,7/16/2013,7/22/2013
14," APPLES, GRANNY SMITH 72 CT, Each",010-017,0.60,7/16/2013,7/22/2013

I need to do a few things here - I need to remove any surrounding quotes from around fields; I also need to split the third field into two separate fields; lastly I need to change the field separator from comma to tab. For example the two example lines above should end up looking like this:

14\tAPPLES, GRANNY SMITH  72 CT  usa\tCase\t101-016\t40.00\t7/16/2013\t7/22/2013
14\tAPPLES, GRANNY SMITH 72 CT\tEach\t010-017\t0.60\t7/16/2013\t7/22/2013

I am new to Python and am having trouble figuring out how to do what I need to do, so if someone can offer some help I will surely appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Hello ,
Maybe this example can help :
chaine = " exam pl e"
chaine = chaine.replace(',','\')
print chaine