i want a travel management system which has following details:

ABC ltd. is a travel agency provides the services of reservation and cancellation of tickets for buses, trains and airlines. They require a travel management system to store the information regarding reservations and cancellations done by the passengers through them and also to automate their procedures. This system should consists of 5 modules namely - Reservation, cancellation, debit report, search utility and administration. Reservation and cancellation module should contan all the information regarding the passenger, who makes reservation and cancellation respectively. Debit report maintains the debit information regarding the passener along with the taxes; they need to pay along with the ticket. Search utility provides a facility to the user to search the record with the different options and administration module provides different options for updating / changing different rules, schedules of bus / train / airlines and other permissions to create / delete new users / booking officers and change his /her password.

This travel management system needs to be done in visual basic with access as database.

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nice. go ahead. and plz tell the problem.

This travel management system PROGRAM needs to be done in visual basic with access as database.


ok do it. It is possible to done in vb and ms access. so 1st start and when you face problem then start thread.

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