these is my problem.
the user enter the password and the computer output "congratulation!"
if the user guess the assigned password otherwise "try again!"

how could i run these program. feedback a.s.a.p.

this is pseodocode:

    cout<<"try again!";
I hope it will help!

To both arpha16 and exsoft: we don't do people's homework here. If they post their best effort code and describe where they are having problems, we might help them. However, the terms of service for this forum is that we DO NOT do your homework for you! So exsoft, please don't do this in future! :-)

Ok, dope-slap over - you (exsoft) gave a good hint that arpha16 should take from here, though it REALLY isn't pseudo code. That would be more on the order of:

while password is not correct
    print "too bad, you lose!"
    print "ok, you win!"
end while

IE, pseudo code is JUST a description of the steps to take to solve the problem. Your code is way too close to correct C++ source code (with some issues - not to discuss here).

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