Hi i m getting problem in uploading files to my site i am not expert in java i m novice whenever i trying to upload files via jupload it give me error

Error Picture

some days back it was working fine and its w-script which use jupload to upload bulk wallpapers i dont know how to deal with this problem please help me

Sounds like you do not have their jarfile on your classpath.

its working on other computer well but only in my computer its not working

Okay? And that changes that fact how?

In other words, the jar file is on the classpath on the machine where it "works" and is NOT on the classpath on the machine where it does NOT "work".

i tried in two more computer it works well thehre but in my newly installed xp window its not working please help

I give up.

I can't say it in any other way than that the jar containing that class is NOT on the classpath (or is referenced on the classpath but it does not exist) on the machine where it does not "work".

OK, let's have a quick try...

1. Where exactly is the jar on your failing XP machine? Please post an image showing the jar in its directory, and the complete directory path, so we can see exactly where it is.
2. Post an image showing your complete classpath system variable.

Without both those there's nothing more anyone can do to help.