I am able to change the language in the windows form by selecting language from ComboBox. However, I want to make it dynamic so that it will change the language of all the other forms by selecting language from ComboBox in the first form.
I got some clues from these websites, but I am still struggling to achieve my objective.



Would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank You.

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Simple... Just get the selected value in combobox from the language selection form.After that, in the other form's load event you have to get the combo box selected value and write the condition for it.


String lang;
    if (lang="English")
    label1.font="Ur needed lang font";

And dont forget, It will not translate it. Many of friends have some doubts about font change and translation in a windows forms development environment.

Hope this Helps...

Have a happy Coding...

Creat a .dll file which you added to your projects, or a class which contains a public shared sub doing changing your language.
Create a public datatable contains languages you needed and their code, then inherit them in your forms.
Anw, writing all those was long and I'm being lazy now :))

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