Hi group,

I'm looking through the book "Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 2010" by Evangelos Petroutsos. I'm trying to work through a chapter on designing windows controls. In the first step the directions read:

"Start a new project, and in the New Project dialog box, select the template Windows Forms Control Library."

I'm using VB 2010 Express. It doesn't seem to have a template called "Windows Forms Control Library". Is there some place I can download this? I've not found it yet.

Thanks for everything.


Never mind. I found it. Here are the steps:

To create a user control using Visual Basic Express Edition
On the File menu, click New Project.

On the Templates pane, in the New Project dialog box, click Class Library and then click OK.

On the Project menu, click Add User Control.

In the Add New Item dialog box, select User Control.

In the Name box, type NamesControl and then click Add.

A new User Control template is added to the project and the User Control Designer opens.

In the Solution Explorer, right-click Class1.vb and choose Delete, and then click OK.

On the File menu, click Save All.

In the Save Project dialog box, type NamesUserControl and then click Save.