auto generate number in data base creates negative numbers in how to make it working perfectly.i am using using databindings please help me

What database are you using? What are the settings for the auto-generate column?

i am using ms access 2003 database. i am just using the autogenarate column directly from access as invoice number in when i am adding any data it automatically shows negative numbers like -1,-2,-3 and so on why this happenning i just dont understand

For an auto increment field in Access you should have

Field Size: Long Integer
New Values: Increment

does that match what you have? What is the value of that column in the first database record?

Field Size: Long Integer
New Values: Increment both are ok in my database i have a products table having data irst column is

1 Invoice No=autonumber which is auto incremented then
2 product name=text,
3 name=text ,
4 date of issue=date/time,
5 quantity=text,
6 price=text
7 grand total=text