Hello again.
Generating item codes for my inventory system became complex when the panel said that this must be the format of the generated ID number: "CATEGORY-ITEMNAME-ITEMINDEX"
For example: School Supplies - Coupon Bond short- Second Item in the database would result to an item ID : SCS-CBS-002.
Advanced thank you again. :)

So, what is the question ?

have you tried anything yet?

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Hi There, Iam in a tast to redevelop our warehouse, one task is to start from scratch, the item master database, Item code description Grouping Category, UOM. My chalage is, to create a item number, standerise the description, implement group and category of item.. Is there a software that can assit ine in such, is there a web where you can find item grouping and categorie, Can any ons help me with this

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