Hello everyone,

I am new to programming and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have hundreds of CSV files in a folder that I need to edit and resave. Can anyone give me a bit of code to start me off properly?

To answer your broad question broadly,
open the text file,
separate it into lines,
delimit each line by comma

It's a comma and line break separated file.

Name 55
Date Time 5/5/2005
Unneccesary UUU
Comment Type 1 13 Y6.0 65R 2
Max 32
1 A <40 B
2 B <16 B
3 C 0 us 1n B
4 H <4pt hi=bye 8.50ms 1d V
5 H <6sx no=10.0 3.50ms 1c
6 H <14mn you=600 6.50ms 1f
7 D >22 F her=100 uF M=50 F 14.50ms 1g
8 S <36 ti= 7 1h
9 R <2 1d
10 R <2 1w
11 R <2 1q
12 R <2 1r
13 Q >16 F ID=10.0 A VG=15.0 V 500 us 1l
14 S <12 Su= 13 1c

My CSV looks something like that. I need to make changes to various cells based on the information provided in the Comment row. For example, if 65R was 45R, I would have to change the <4pt in the third column to 6pt and so on. I would also need to get rid of every row that has R in the second column. Any help at all would be appreciated. I know this is a bit much. Thank You

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