Hello everyone,

I am new to programming and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have hundreds of CSV files in a folder that I need to edit and resave. Can anyone give me a bit of code to start me off properly?

Give us a short sample of one of your CSV files and what you want to accomplish.

To answer your broad question broadly,
open the text file,
separate it into lines,
delimit each line by comma

It's a comma and line break separated file.

Name 55
Date Time 5/5/2005
Unneccesary UUU
Comment Type 1 13 Y6.0 65R 2
Max 32
1 A <40 B
2 B <16 B
3 C 0 us 1n B
4 H <4pt hi=bye 8.50ms 1d V
5 H <6sx no=10.0 3.50ms 1c
6 H <14mn you=600 6.50ms 1f
7 D >22 F her=100 uF M=50 F 14.50ms 1g
8 S <36 ti= 7 1h
9 R <2 1d
10 R <2 1w
11 R <2 1q
12 R <2 1r
13 Q >16 F ID=10.0 A VG=15.0 V 500 us 1l
14 S <12 Su= 13 1c

My CSV looks something like that. I need to make changes to various cells based on the information provided in the Comment row. For example, if 65R was 45R, I would have to change the <4pt in the third column to 6pt and so on. I would also need to get rid of every row that has R in the second column. Any help at all would be appreciated. I know this is a bit much. Thank You

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