I am a noob at programming.I want to create windows applications with graphical user interface.Which one is best?


Best does not exist.
Four different flowers, which one is best to decorate a room?
I use C# most of the time, because it is the language I feel most confortable in.
All four languages can do more or less, what you want to do.
In your case I would start with downloading Visual Studio(free) and try out VB.NET or C#.
Google for a free tutorial.

In my opinion C# would be the best choice since it's easier to work with and allows you to easily create / edit windows(GUI) for your program. VB works too, but it has a "strange" syntax...if you like it more, there's no problem.

C++ = meh...pure C++ is not actually a good idea since you have to create your GUI from zero, and that involves some WinAPI knowledge. You can avoid this by using a framework like QT, but it still has it's tricky parts (pointers, memory management, etc.) Don't get me wrong, C++ is really good, but making GUI applications with it is not actually suitable for beginners.

Don't know about Python...never worked with it.

I suggest you c#, Its the recent one and easy to understand. Its also helps to learn newbie programming languages like f#. Go for it. You will regret this.

Have a happie coding ma friend...:-D

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