Answer is NING.
how....? i am not getting. can any one explain please....?

void main()
    printf(2+"GOOD EVENING"+6);

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It skips the first 6+2 characters/bytes of the string by moving the pointer (since the string's value is stored in contiguous memory locations) => GOOD EVENING.

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Not sure where you got that syntax from. It is truncating 8 characters from your string though. And it works on 2 different compilers.

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"GOOD EVENING" is an array of characters. If you take any array or pointer and write p + i, you get a pointer pointing to the address that's i elements after the location that p points to. So in case of an array, arr + i (or i + arr - order doesn't matter) produces a pointer to the element of the array arr at index i.

So 2 + "GOOD EVENING" produces a pointer that points to the second O in GOOD. Adding 6 to that moves the pointer 6 further to the right, producing a pointer that points to the first N in EVENING - same as if you had written "GOOD EVENING" + 8. So you pass a pointer to that N to printf and printf then prints all characters starting at that pointer until the end of the string. So that's why you get NING.

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