I hope this is the correct area for this post, I'm not to sure where it would fall into, regarding SSH ?

Onto my question, is there a method to access Vi or Nano to find the exact path where a directory lies in the <root> directory ?

Vi is a text editor, much like notepad. It has nothing to do with your question, probably...
Check out the locate command.

How do I access within Cpanel, what privlidges do I need ?

Your server needs to have an SSHD process active, and you have to connect via SSH protocol.
CPanel probably has some feature that connects to the shell one way or another.

What is the method that CPanel uses ? Unless it's blocked from me accessing.

I'm sorry, I don't ever use panels unless I have to because of a client or something.
You're kind of on your own there... basically there should be some button to access the shell.
It's important to note that you have to have permission to launch the shell, which depends on the server or virtual environment.

I don't know if I have access. I tried to access the SSH shell with PuTTY, I get an error "No Route to Host".

Siberian, do you still need help with this? What exactly are you trying to find out?