Am new in Struct
I followed link http://www.tutorialspoint.com/struts_2/struts_examples.htm for making simple hello project in struts using eclipse

but when i complete the coding and go for the execution,
when I write the word in that box as an input (for saying hello).
and click on Say Hello button,
it gives me error as

*HTTP Status 404 - /testpriti/hello

type Status report
message /<my_project_name>/hello
description The requested resource (/my_project_name>/hello) is not available.

I heard by someone that we need to define "method="execute" "
which we write in struts.xml file.

I dunno how to write this OR this is right or not.
Please guide me in this.
I have done coding as writter have given there.

If there is same problem someone have posted earlier,
then please give link
Sorry I did not found the same when I searched.

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@joeymenje: whats there in this video regarding my question?

there is nothing man!!!

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