I need to show the values in my datagridview as currency, I can do the currency format but that uses my default system currency.

I load projects that are in many different currencies, at the moment I have it as 1,000.00 and I look at currency name I set up in label1 to see what currency it is. It would look better if there was signals before the values.

Basically I want to show the Currency symbol related to label1.text

lol ... i know this is not actual code but I want something this simple

If label1.text = "USD" then 
currnecy.format = $
end if

If label1.text = "GBP" then 
currnecy.format = £
end if

I use many different currencies so this will be the best for me to use like this, i keep getting the defualt system curency. I want to able to use the values in the cells to calculate other values on the grid too like totals


Me.DataGridView.Columns(1).DefaultCellStyle.Format = "c"