Hello everyone, new user here and not a frequent user of C so please don't be harsh at me :P

What I'm trying to do is read some data from a txt file, like these:


and copy them to 2 string arrays. The first array's first string shall be


and the second one's respectively:


This is my code:

intro = fopen("file.txt","r");

    while (fgets(buffer,sizeof(buffer),intro)!=NULL)
        sscanf(buffer, "%[^,]%[^\n]", HuffOriginal[i], HuffSymbol[i]); //I need to avoid commas here
        printf("\nOriginal %d:%s\nSymbolic %d:%s\n", i, HuffOriginal[i], i, HuffSymbol[i]);


The output is:

Original 0: XX10X11110100X0011111XX1011101X101111XX1X1X1111X11X110111110XX11 (which is good)
Symbolic 0: ,000 (which isn't!)

I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance!

An exclusion scanset (the %[^ specifier) won't extract any of the excluded characters, so the stream still contains a comma after HuffOriginal is extracted. The simple answer is this:

sscanf(buffer, "%[^,],%[^\n]", HuffOriginal[i], HuffSymbol[i]);
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