Some good online tuts for Data Structures and Algorithms in C ??

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Check Google and YouTube for DS and Algo classes (either past classes or upcoming in the Fall). Uni's in the past with classes include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc. In some cases you can actually enroll, but you can also just watch the video.

Many particular DS's and Algo's are shown in Wikipedia with applets showing the progress of the program, in action. Several types of sorting, depth first search, etc.

This is particularly a good book for algorithms.

iv read very good things about Robert Sedgewick's algorithms in C books . i personally have his java books , and i love them.
if you are interested in algorithms , and wont mind a bit of java , theres a MOOC on algorithms starting at coursera from tommorow , and the guy teaching it will be Robert Sedgewick himself. give it a try.

ps : i hope the mods wont take this as a adv/spam :P

Click Here Have fun!

hey bro why dont u try the different web based progamming links.i suggets u to try as many questions for ur profecy

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