**I am new in Visual C++ 2008.
here is a project which is alredy developed and this time under maintence.
In this project there are 5 projects which one one project is depend on another
example a,b,c,d,e are 5 projects and b depends on a,c depends on b i.e --a-->b-->c-->d-->e.
now all projects have so many folders.
lets talk with "a" project.
Inside this project 2 main folders named as Header files and Source files.
Inside Header files .h files present and inside Source File .cpp files
all files have same name only changed with extensions.

when i build it then it builds filewise one by one.
here i want to print some message to test the values but cout and printf is not working.
please tell me how to resolve this

and any link which help me to know better visual C++ 2008 as earlr as possible.

but cout and printf is not working.

"Not working" is one of the least helpful descriptions of a problem possible. Please be specific about how it's not working. This probably has nothing to do with your project structure and everything to do with failing to include standard headers in the right place.

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