Actually, I have learnt C++ much till now . Atleast which i need for my work purposes. I have thought of a project-- desktop calculator. I want to have all these functionalities in it.
1. mathematical functions,
2. prime number checker(will apply primality checking algos),
3. all error handlers (zero divisions error, incorrect expression etc),
4. bit-wise operations (xor, and, or),
5. base-converter functions,
6. excellent UI(colourful like DW :D ),
7. history remeberance feature,
8. checking all entered figures feature and correcting them also,
9. 10-15 digits decimal precision,
10. SI, CI , discounts adjustment feature,
11. graph designing feature,
12. pattern matching algos between some entered numbers (say 10-20)

I know this is not a very "wow" factor project, but i and 2 more people have decided to work on that. I haven't worked on any C++ project till date. worked on MATLAB, PHP and a very small project on C/C++. now this time C++. So, what do you think is it a good project to do or should i think of something else ? if you think this is good, then can you suggest more additions to it ? any kind of help will be appreciated. thanks in advance. :-)

Looks good, I can't see anything else to add to it and considering you haven't done much on C++ then I think this shall be a good project!

Good luck.

Sounds like something good to get stuck into and the way that you've ordered them in the list is about the same way that I would attempt to include them, with the exception of the UI, which I would do last.

thanks @ketu. Do you have something in your mind which i can add in this also ? thanks for your response.

Perhaps see how many of these you may wish to include:

Other than that, if you finish early and want an extra challenge you can modify your program to be "arbitrary" precision. IE: with integers/rationals infinite precision and with irrational numbers some set, very high, precision.

Finally, I agree that UI should be the last thing you do. If you use proper OOP it shouldn't be an issue.

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