Hi all,
Really appreciate your help if my function on dijkstra algorithm is correct or wrong? Many thanks...

Function Dijkstra(Graph, source):
Graph randomGraphGenerator = new Graph:
Source V0 = new Source:
for each vertex n in randomGraphGenerator:  // initializations
    weight[n] := infinity                   // Unknown path
                                            // function from source to source
Previous[n] := undefined
        weight[V0] := 0                     // Distance from source to source
    T := copy(randomGraphGenerator)         // All vertices in the graph
                                            // are unoptimized – thus are in T
    While T is not empty:                   // The main Loop

        u := extract_min(T)                 // Remove and return best vertex
                                            // from vertices in two given vertices.
                                            // we would use a path finding algorithm.
                                            // on the new graph, such as depth-first search.

            For each neighbour n of u:      // where n has not yet been removed from T.
alt = weight [u] + length(u, n)
    If alt < weight [n]                      // Relax (u, n)
weight [n] := alt
previous[n] := u
Return previous[]
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Thanks for the reply. That is dijkstra algorithm function (pseudocode). I'm gonna implement java lang code for this algorithm once this function is proper.
Hope this answer to your question.

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