Today I am going to show you how to create a C project in Visual Studios.

Step 1. Launch Visual Studios and select Visual C++ in the start window. In the Visual C++ section, click on Win32 Console Application. Give your project a name and click submit.

Step 2. A new window should pop out and it should be called Win32 Application Wizard. Click next on the window (not finsish). In the next page, click on Console Application and uncheck the Precompiled Header. Then click finish.

Step 3. You should now see a little bit of code on the screen (that is good). Go to the solution explorer and find the source file menu. Right click on it and add a new item. Now select the C++ file and name it whatever you want but make sure it is a .c not a ** .cpp**.

Final. Now you can start writing C in visual studios...

I hoped this helped some of you guys.

yes, it will help.. atleast me. thanks a lot. ;)

@nitin1, No problem :)

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