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Hello Fan's,

I (re)started a rather old Project of mine about a Year ago, but shortly before it's Version1.0, the Fellow ordered to implement a powerful indexing-system, dropped out and left me with a partly unfinished piece of work.

For more than a decade, I have been designing several editions of Software, all based on the legendary EveryAuction Perl Source and it's many great Add-On's, I have created several Multi-Section Platforms like Classifieds, Wanded Ad's, Personals, Auctions, and so on, finally, I decided to put all this knowledge into one brandnew designed GPL-Project, looking about like:

The Site shown does not yet display the latest Indexing-Setup as explained above, because the indexing may not be yet implemented troughout the whole system, because of Lack of time, I never had a chance to really test out, what the Fellow Programmer has been implementing.

Coming Fall, I really would like to continue on my project, but I would need some assistance, this software should be TOP CHOICE GPL, not just another piece of 'old and ugly' CGI Scripting. So, if anyone, familiar with Perl 5, would like to be part of the 'EveryAuction' Group, let me know, I would like to share all my knowledge as well as my HUGE Archive on everything about 'EA' and it's many derivate Scripts, Together, we could create the Worlds best and easiest programmed Social/Commercial GPL Perl-5 Platform ever written.

I have just about everything ever 'rewritten' out of Everyauction, even Forum Script and Messenger Type Scripts. With our combined knowledge, we could create just about everything Creatable out of existing and widely proven source.

On sample out of my archive like like this:

Also, one of my earlier Projects has been:

written in german language, but I never officially put it in Service, because not beeing a Perl-Guru, in case of problems, I would have not been able to support the System as required for a 'Swiss Style' PRO Site.

I have two choices, either scrap the whole Archive-Stuff or then use it to enable others to use it. But since I believe in Perl5 as well as clean good old HTML, I like to see this kind of Software not just to fade away from the Web.

Let me know, how I should proceed...! But only, if you are willing to engage yourself activley.

I do not plan to 'give away' my 'Scripts' to be used by others 'as they come'. So, please do NOT ask me to send 'a sample' for further 'inspection' by you. This is NOT the way 'as described' above, just to make this Clear! I am looking for Designers and Perl-Coders, not Users (at this time) or even Resellers...

Thank you!

PS. Due to the Nature of the Project, everybody will be welcome to design and offer non-GPL 'sellable' Custom Add-On's and/or Enhancements, this will not be illegal!!