Pls, i'm new to programming and i need to create c# database can somebody help me with creating database.......

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I think you mean that you need to connect to a database using C#. What database platform...MSSQL, MySQL, etc.?

you'll need to provide additional information and some put reasonable effort to get the best guidance.

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ok, i created a c# form for a school library.. so i need a MYSQL database to save the students info. and books collected so that when they are returning we will get notification if the book belongs to the student or another student...

You'll need to take one step at a time, no one is going to give you the answers to the entire project in this thread.

Here is some stuff you need to work on first. Since you are connecting to MySQL, you'll need to have installed the MySQL DB and MySQL Connector/NET. You can download installers from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads. Once you have the DB, to connect to it, you need to reference the MySql.Data.dll library. I assume that you are using Visual Studio to develop this.

Once you have that working, its just a matter of creating the connection in your code by establishing a connection string, create a connection, open it, do your SQL stuff, then close the connection.

There are quite a bit of examples in other threads on this site, all over the Internet, etc..

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thanks a lot ........
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