Hi Everyone,

Thank you for viewing for my enquiry. It is about ASP.NET C#.

This problem is the stored procedure and dataset/UI. When i try to search 1000 records, the dataset count is 1 only and the stored procedure return 1000 records.

I have manually used the SQL profiler and retrieve the parameter value to be pass to the stored procedure and manually executed the stored procedure. Manually exectue the stored procedure and it return 1000 records. so i went to the C# code and use ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count to see how many rows return from the dataadpater. and i could see 1 row of record only while the stored procedure return 1000 records.

Did anyone encounter such problem before? Can anyone please guide me so that i could understand why it is displaying 1 row of record while the stored procedure are able to retrieve 1000 records. What is happening? This webpage have been working fine until recently and that wasnt any change made in this web page either.

I really need help on this. Please let me know if you have any question.

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We cannot do much without seeing a bit of code.

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We cannot do much without seeing a bit of code.

too late anyway, if it were really urgent he's dead by now and the computers exploded into clouds of silicon and metal dust.

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