hi all !!
i am new on that forum, and i have just started C++ programming, i know some basics. now i would like to start developping a program, i need some idea that could be evoluted everytime, so i work on it while i improve my programming skills.
thanks ...

you should read good sets of books and after that practice. that is the only path to learn new things at good pace.

There are many, many ways. Here's one.

Being able to use existing libraries written by other people is a valuable skill; it gives you a lot more capability in your programs, and it exposes you to other people's code and other ways of doing things.

It's also very encouraging to see things happen, so I'd suggest getting to grips with one of the basic image handling libraries; show an image on screen, and then start manipulating it - changing pixels, changing brightness and contast, writing it to different formats, all that sort of thing. You'll hopefully be very encouraged by being able to do these things; it's nice to get visual feedback, and image handling and display opens up a lot of new techniques.

CImg is a good library to start with - it's header only, so you can quickly get going. Then, move onto other librarise that require you to link at compile time (static linking) and at runtime (dynamic linking); learning to use existing libraries to harness other people's code is a valuable skill.

The key thing about C++ is object-orientation. Learn how to model your classes, their relationships, and behaviors. Then, turning that into class structures and code becomes a lot simpler. I can say this without reservation after 20+ years of C++ and object-oriented system design and development as senior and principal software engineer for major global companies and software systems used to run some of the biggest manufacturing and other systems in the world. My current CV is available in my DaniWeb profile. :-)

As for books, I heartily recommend the "Annotated Reference Manual" of C++ by Ellis and Stroustrup (the inventor of C++).

I'm also learning C++,and I keep a blog to record what I have learned everyday. Maybe you can try this, too. Here is the address of my blog,[http://waytoappdev.blogspot.com/] ,hope that we can have further communication.