Hi All,

I need to access cmd of a remote server from local machine using batch scripting or shell scripting.
Can anyone help me out in this.
I need this very urgently.


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You could use remote desktop software to log in remotely, then open a command prompt in the remote session.
Or, the Professional editions of Windows come with a 'telnet shell server' service which you can enable.

hey thanx for the post but my need here is .i have to access cmd of teh server without actualy logging in to the system.

Hi all,
Let me explain it more simpler way.
i have two systems A and B .on same network.
i have to acess on A and need to work on cmd which is working on B without actualy loging in to B.though i have userid and pasword for B also.it's not kinda hacking but i have to do the task from A only.

Thanks in advacne.


I edited my original post, your post hadn't shown up at this end.
You could look into an SSH server for Windows. This allows you to run commands on a remote machine (and encrypts the data sent between the two machines), provided you have the login info. freeSSHd is an example that comes to mind.

Hey thanx ,
But is this SSH a command or any tool.
actualy i have to do this without any tool.

mukulnimker7751: would you mind explaining the problem in greater detail, i.e., the circumstances in which you need to access the server this way? It would be much easier to help you if we had a better idea of what is actually going on; as things are we can only answer in generalities.


I need to access the cmd which is actualy working on server and m using the cmd on my local machine on saem netwotk.
i other way i can say that i have to login to the cmd of another server from my local machine and need the access of cmd of the server.
the platform is windows. for both server and local machine. and they are on same network.

i have various servers and i have to run some cmd scripts on each server .so it would be easy if whichout loging into the server if i access the cmd for tah server and execute teh command.

thanks in advance


@Assembly GUy: hey thanx fo rteh help..i have gone through the ssh help guide .and found one command which looks like ssh user@remotehost "bash -s" < local_script.sh.
can you pleas tell me how i cna use it in windows for accesing cmd.?


Hi All,

I ve tried the below logic but it didn't worked ,,can anyone help me from this ..

the ip of my machine is XXX.XXX.XXX.43 and i wrote a batch like this on my machine

explorer.exe \XXX.XXX.XXX.49\C$\windows\System32\cmd.exe

it opens a cmd window but it's not actualy running on .49 ..
i want this to be executing on .49..

Can any one solve this issue of mine..


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