i have a problem with how to use c programming keywords while doing programming
can you post me some solutions with these keywords
as with their uses and meanings.

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doing looping,using with do while is promblems with me
so can you give me full hence about it by which i can be perfect in it.

what is the uses of continue and break keywords.

please give idea about to write simple programming in c as i am beginners for c language

start simple programming such as helloworld,addition of 2 numbers,factorial,sum of n numbers etc

break- this statement is used to exit from loop.


      in above program if 'if'condition satisfies then loop is breaked.

continue- when this statement is executed, loop starts from first.

It seems like you don't even have a book or thorough tutorial to work with, which will drastically hinder your progress. I'd suggest buying a book and working through it, as most people won't be inclined to teach you when it seems like you aren't interested in putting any effort into it.

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