Hello I am J2SE programmer and now university authority give the task select the final project topic.
Kindly aany body suggest me the 5 or 6 project ideas...

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first of all, if you still study J2SE it shows you are not really looking into current technologies. (J2SE became out of date about 7 years ago)
the University Authority, as you call it, gave YOU the task to select the final project topic.

selecting a topic is a part of the assignment, looks to me like you are trying to take the easy route from step one, rather than to work on it.

here are a few reasons why we shouldn't provide you topics:
(this is not a complete list, just some examples)

  1. we don't know the curriculum you follow(ed)
  2. we don't know your background, nor experience
  3. we have no idea about your preferences, hence we don't know what type of application you would be motivated to work on
  4. we don't know the requirements of your assignment
  5. we don't know the limitations set for the assignment
  6. we don't know your professor, nor what he expects or what impresses him
    x. ...

if for any reason you would still want to find a prefab topic rather than to think of something yourself you would want to work on, check the sticky thread on top, which summarizes a list of possible topics.

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