Hello I have final project for java and I didn't know how to do it >< may help me to solve it?!

Consider the following table about students’ grades for quizzes in class :


Write a Java application that calculates the minimum, maximum, and average for each quiz. Print the output results in a table format using a text area. Use loop and if statement control structures as well as Array data structure .



Organization of JAVA report:

Section 1: Problem Analysis:
In this section, you should define your input variables, and their type. You should also define your output variables and their type. Use a table to summarize your answers.

Section 2: Solution Design:
In this section you should provide a Pseudo-code or a flowchart to explain your algorithm and the logic that will drive your Java code.

Section 3: Implementation:
In this section, you should list your complete Java Code. Make sure that your code is optimized for speed and efficiency.

Section 4: Evaluation
In this section, you should include a screenshot of your program’s output, based on the sample input provided in the previous page. Your output should be as close as possible to the solution provided in the previous page.

Section 5: Self-reflection
In this section, you should reflect on what you have learned in this project, and outline the challenges that you have faced while working on this project, and how you overcame them.



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Post what you have done so far and someone will help you from there.

okay .. thanks :)

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