I have a Visual Express 2012 Windows Form Application written in C#. I have placed a menu strip across the top of the form. I have various pre-made jpgs to use as splash screens and background images during the programs execution. However the tops of them all get cut off by the menu strip. Is there a way to tell the Background Image of a Form what co-ordinates to start at.. say 0,24 instead of 0,0. Or should I just use a PictureBox and resize the picture box everytime the Form gets resized? If so, how can i get the background image size of a form. I'm pretty sure the height and width of a form include the TitleBar and the edges all around it.

you can use a picture box and u will give it the co-ordinates to start with by saying:

this.picturebox.location = new point(x,y);

where x is the x-coordinate and y is the y-coordinate.....

Thank you for the reply.