I am working on an assignment that involves simulating a volley ball game and I have NO idea. Can anyone help.
Here is the question

OK, so i have worked on it a bit and have developed some code but am having problems with defining when the game should stop because the winning player needs to wins by 2 points and the highest score needs to be atleast 15. here is my code so far

def main ():
    print Intro ()
    probA, probB, n = getInputs ()
    winsA, winsB = simNGames (n, probA, probB)
    printSummary (winsA, winsB)
def Intro ():
    print "This program simulates a gsme of volleyball between"
    print "two players called A and B."
    print "player A always has the first serve"
def getInputs ():
    a = input ("Player A wins a serve")
    b = input ("Player B wins a serve")
    n = input ("How many games do you want to simulate?")
    return a, b, n
def simNGames(n, probA, probB) :
    winsA= winsB = 0
    for i in range(n):
        scoreA, scoreB = simOneGame (probA, probB)
        if scoreA > scoreB:
            winsA =winsA + 1
            winsB = winB + 1
        return winsA, winsB
def simOneGame (probA, probB):
    serving= "A"
    scoreA = 0
    scoreB = 0
    while not gameOver (scoreA, scoreB):
        if serving == "A":
            if random () < probA:
                scoreA = scoreA + 1
                serving = "B"
            if random() < probB:
                    scoreB = scoreB + 1
                     serving = "A"
    return scoreA, scoreB
def gameOver(a, b):
    if (a - b) > 2  or < -2
def printSummary(winsA, winsB):
    n= winsA + winsB
    print "\nGames simulated", n
    print "Wins for A: %d (%0.1f%%)" % (winsA, float(winsA)/n*100)
    print "Wins for B: %d (%0.1f%%)" % (winsB, float(winsA)/n*100)
if __name__=='__main__':main()
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