Hi All,

I have completed learning core Java and I want to move to next level in Java Study. I am really confused on what topic to cover next in JAVA . And I also don't know what are all the major topics in JAVA to study after Core Java.

If you could give me a heads up on the topics to learn in a sequence, it would be a great help for me.

Im asking like this example shown below

1.core JAva

2.Advanced Java (im not sure whether Advanced java is actually a topic, just for example I put that)

3.EJB (same goes here)

  1. .....

  2. ...

Like above example im asking, Thanks in advance !

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there is no real specific description of what 'core' and what 'advanced' java is. I've seen employers consider Swing to be advanced, whereas in my opinion it is core.

it's always useful to know some frameworks: Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JPA, GWT, ... there are tons of things to learn. it also depends on what it is you want to learn.

front end? back-end? ... ?

Hi Stultuske ,

What is front-end , back-end ?

I want to learn both I guess, could you please tell the frameworks/topics needed to have Front end Knowledge first.

front-end is mostly what you see on your screen and related.
back-end is what happens on business level, handling with the database and such.

could you please tell the frameworks/topics needed to have Front end Knowledge ?

several possibilities.
Swing, JavaFX, JSP, JSF, Spring MVC, GWT, Struts, ...
you don't really 'need' any of them, but chances are your future employer uses (one of) them, and 'll expect you to either know it or learn it.

Thanks stultuske,

I did not understand one thing .What do you mean by "you dont really need any of them" ?

I mean in order to have front end knowledge , I should know these topics you mentioned right ?

Please explain !

no. you can create a UI by just using the console.
technically, you don't need to create a GUI (although usually, you will).
if you know how to work with jsp and servlets, you can create a webapplication without using struts, spring, ... but that doesn't mean you won't have to use it.
there are a lot of possible frameworks to go for, which one you should know? ask your (future) employer.
or just check the job advertisements, and see what is in demand.

oh ok got it, thanks,

And also please tell, frameworks/topics needed to have BackEnd end Knowledge ?

what about a basic course in using a search engine? Would help you much more than being dripfed things to "study" every few hours here (which is way too little time to gain any knowledge about any concept).

oh right, i didnt know that ,,, Thanks for the heads up .

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