Just to note, this thread may never be marked solved until my main project evolves.

To put it simply, this language is a common-interface language meant for conversion between all languages.
This means that this language has to support all features between all languages in the most simplest of ways.

To make things even simpler (for programming with it), the language is designed in a nodal style.
This will make things extremely interactive and will even allow for tonz of expansion.

The language is a dynamic language, though it simulates the features of a static language.
This is because the language needs to be able to adapt itself to make it easy to convert to your preferred code.

If I may request help on the development of this language,
I'm only a Python programmer and have always had trouble grasping the confusing concepts of C++.

the language is still in the design phase, so no code is available yet.
but for as far as I've gotten in it's design, I was able to support variable-pointers.
(I had not considered function pointers when designing them)

you can take a look at me ideas for the design process here:

I've started it's design there as there's another language in the works that mimicks mine, somewhat,
though it's a performance language, where mine's a conversion language. :P

as for the help I need...
As stated, pointers are not set to retrieve the address of functions.
in fact I hadn't even considered the dynamic memory allocations for functions. :(

so I need to know the size of a function so I can properly associate it's address with the Pt node and call it accordingly.
(I want to mimick the allocations in actual memory so conversion can be proper)

thanx :)

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ok... to put my question simply...
how does a variable co-interface with a function??

for example:

def F(): print "F", return 1
v1 = F() #now an int object

v2 = F #now a function object
v3 = v2()

v2 = 0

how could I duplicate this with my language??

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