This isn't really a help me how to program something this is where should I start

I am currently watching thenewbostons c++ tutorials it is great and easy to follow I have knowledge of other programming language and I heard that c++ is quite different and a little complicated.
Right now I am learning the basics (And honestly i want to rush to making forms since most of the syntax are familiar) but i won't


This is my plan
*Study the basic
*Study Making Forms
*Study Back End C++ (I still don't have any idea as to what this is, can I use MySql here or is there some other back end language for c++)
*Study C++ networking (I want to make an instant messenger, this is pretty much my goal, winsock or boost asio)

Any advise to help improve my learning in c++?
I am also thinking of making games (but this will be probably be done in the far far FAR future)

Place the "Study making forms" last in your list of stuff to learn. Add "Study C++ GUI tool kits" before that - the forms will be part of that... :-)


  1. Study the basics.
  2. Practice the basics, gradually getting more complex with your code.
  3. Study C networking (sockets, etc).
  4. Study multi-threaded programming and concurrency control.
  5. Study back-end api's. MySQL is a common one and has good C++ support. I use it all the time.
  6. Study C++ GUI api's such as Wx and Qt.

That's the order I'd take if I were starting over (now that I have 20+ years of C++ hind-sight to draw on). Fortunately, I already had the C networking stuff down pat, having implemented an entire C-based TCP/IP stack for a real-time operating system, from the DDN White Book specifications (the TCP/IP "bible").

This week I'm mastering web programming with PHP... Got my first MySQL connection working today. :-)

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