This isn't really a help me how to program something this is where should I start

I am currently watching thenewbostons c++ tutorials it is great and easy to follow I have knowledge of other programming language and I heard that c++ is quite different and a little complicated.
Right now I am learning the basics (And honestly i want to rush to making forms since most of the syntax are familiar) but i won't


This is my plan
*Study the basic
*Study Making Forms
*Study Back End C++ (I still don't have any idea as to what this is, can I use MySql here or is there some other back end language for c++)
*Study C++ networking (I want to make an instant messenger, this is pretty much my goal, winsock or boost asio)

Any advise to help improve my learning in c++?
I am also thinking of making games (but this will be probably be done in the far far FAR future)

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get a book on C++ or C i think that might explain things easier for you

Place the "Study making forms" last in your list of stuff to learn. Add "Study C++ GUI tool kits" before that - the forms will be part of that... :-)


  1. Study the basics.
  2. Practice the basics, gradually getting more complex with your code.
  3. Study C networking (sockets, etc).
  4. Study multi-threaded programming and concurrency control.
  5. Study back-end api's. MySQL is a common one and has good C++ support. I use it all the time.
  6. Study C++ GUI api's such as Wx and Qt.

That's the order I'd take if I were starting over (now that I have 20+ years of C++ hind-sight to draw on). Fortunately, I already had the C networking stuff down pat, having implemented an entire C-based TCP/IP stack for a real-time operating system, from the DDN White Book specifications (the TCP/IP "bible").

This week I'm mastering web programming with PHP... Got my first MySQL connection working today. :-)

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