I am not sure how to do this, please let me know your suggestions.

I want to have my python program be able to read the site I visit with a browser (firefox) separately. An example of useage would be this:

In the browser log into my account (credit card, bank, amazon, etc) site manually supplying all the login and security questions. Then my python program can retreive the screen contents when I click a button or function key etc.

Of course each web browser has a provision for an addon program, but I would prefer to use an external python program since it also will have other integrated functions.

I see there is a webbrowser library, and it will allow me to open a web page in firefox. Is there a way to get back the page contents ? Or to access a tab page that had been opened already within firefox ?

Or is there another library to look at. I do not need (or wish) to do the authentication from my python program, I would prefer that be done in the browser by the user.

Thank you for any ideas.

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