Hi, looking for help on how to get data from an xml file, or txt file and then automaticly send it over the serial port. I am looking to program a sports score ticker

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what operating system and compiler? For MS-Windows you will use these communications functions.

and then automaticly send it over the serial port.

There is nothing "automatic" about it -- you have to write the code to do that yourself using the communications functions.

Windows 7 with visual studio 2010

Then study the link I gave you. You have to learn how to send commnands to the sport score ticker, I have no idea about that. But when using serial ports you have to make sure to set up the port configuration on your computer that matches the configuration on the sports score ticker otherwise it won't be able to get the data you send it, something like an English speaking person attempting to talk to a Chinese speaking person, there needs to be common language.

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