Right off the bat I will say this has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft Visual Basic.

Recently I've been practicing language design and development and I've written a few basic interpreters for calculator languages and such and I've decided for some more practice I want to write a basic BASIC interpter (haha, basic basic...). After searching around I've decided this is a fairly common practice (as far as language design goes) but there's one thing I don't understand. Obviously from the original there have been TONS of BASIC dialects, I don't know which to try to implement. Is there an existing ISO or ANSI standard for example? I want a dialect as original and modern as possible, does anyone know of any documentation that exists anywhere I can read through and use to implement this? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Scroll near the bottom of this wiki article and you will find some references.

Oh, thanks for the link! I saw the standards on the bottom, I saw the EMCA one so I searched it up and found this if anyone's curious. Thanks again!

Did you notice the date on that documet? 1986! And it was written by some european manufacturer. That's like taking Microsoft document and calling it the standard. It might have been the standard in 1986, but I suspect the language has evolved a tad since them.

yeah I've noticed to, I will just adjust lots... I kinda jumped the gun on that post xD but it still helped.

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